Table of contents

section I


Sabrina N. Hoehne

Chapter 1 Triage of the critical cat

Sabrina N. Hoehne

Chapter 2 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Sabrina N. Hoehne

Chapter 3 Shock

Christine I. Wong

Chapter 4 Fluid therapy 

Christine I. Wong

Chapter 5 Hypoxemia

Guillaume L. Hoareau

Chapter 6 Hypercapnia

Guillaume L. Hoareau

Chapter 7 Basics of mechanical ventilation

Guillaume L. Hoareau

Chapter 8 Sedation and anesthesia

Marta E. Kantyka and Sabrina N. Hoehne

Chapter 9 Analgesia

Marta E. Kantyka and Sabrina N. Hoehne

Chapter 10 ICU care and monitoring

Simon P. Hagley

section II


Lisa L. Powell

Chapter 11 Approach to dyspnea

Lisa L. Powell

Chapter 12 Upper airway obstruction

Catriona M. MacPhail

Chapter 13 Feline asthma

Elizabeth Rozanski

Chapter 14 Parenchymal disease

Claire R. Sharp

Chapter 15 Acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome

Ashley P. Anderson and Amy E. DeClue

Chapter 16 Pyothorax

Christiana Fischer and Lori S. Waddell

Chapter 17 Cardiomyopathies and heart failure

Christina Bové

Chapter 18 Endocarditis

Christina Bové

Chapter 19 Feline aortic thromboembolism

Armelle deLaforcade

Chapter 20 Hypertension

Allison Mazepa

section III


Kelly E. Hall

Chapter 21 Approach to polytrauma

Kelly E. Hall

Chapter 22 Trauma-induced coagulopathy

Kelly E. Hall and Julien Guillaumin

Chapter 23 Head trauma

Sophie Adamantos

Chapter 24 Spinal trauma

Kristin M. Zersen

Chapter 25 Thoracic trauma

Michael S. Tivers and Sophie Adamantos

Chapter 26 Diaphragmatic herniation

Catriona M. MacPhail and Sarah J. Marvel

Chapter 27 Abdominal and pelvic trauma

Amanda A. Cavanagh

Chapter 28 Urinary tract trauma

Julien Guillaumin

Chapter 29 Bite wounds and crush injuries

Nolan V. Chalifoux and Erica L. Reineke

Chapter 30 Wound management

Sarah J. Marvel and Catriona M. MacPhail

Chapter 31 Open fractures

Anna M. Massie

section IV


Massimo Giunti

Chapter 32 Sepsis and septic shock

Roberta Troìa

Chapter 33 Bacterial infections

Julie Menard

Chapter 34 Mycoplasma, Nocardia, and Actinomyces

Crystal M. Cooley and Christopher G. Byers

Chapter 35 Fungal infections

Andrew S. Hanzlicek

Chapter 36 Vector borne diseases

Leah A. Cohn

Chapter 37 Feline infectious peritonitis

Francesco Dondi

Chapter 38 Respiratory viral disease

Jessica A. Florey

Chapter 39 Feline panleukopenia. 

Massimo Giunti

Chapter 40 Feline leukemia virus infection

Mara Battilani

Chapter 41 Feline immunodeficiency virus infection

Massimo Giunti and Andrea Balboni

Chapter 42 Tetanus

Teresa Gagliardo and Gualtiero Gandini

section V


Céline Pouzot-Nevoret

Chapter 43 Triage of the poisoned patient 

Megan Work and Ludivine Boiron

Chapter 44 Intravenous lipid emulsion therapy

Joris H. Robben

Chapter 45 Ethylene glycol

Anthony Barthélemy

Chapter 46 Acetaminophen intoxication

Alexandra Nectoux and Céline Pouzot-Nevoret

Chapter 47 Rodenticides

Anthony Barthélemy

Chapter 48 Carbon monoxide

Laurence M. Saint-Pierre and Guillaume L. Hoareau

Chapter 49 Methemoglobinemia.

Julie Combet-Curt and Céline Pouzot-Nevoret

Chapter 50 Serotonin syndrome

Mariana A. Pardo

Chapter 51 Methylxanthine intoxication

Mariana A. Pardo

Chapter 52 Lilies

Maxime Cambournac

Chapter 53 Grapes and raisins

Maxime Cambournac

Chapter 54 Pyrethrins and pyrethroids

Ivayla D. Yozova and Janelle R. Wierenga

Chapter 55 Organophosphates and carbamates

Janelle R. Wierenga and Ivayla D. Yozova

Chapter 56 Calcium channel blocker intoxication

Carlos Pizarro and Luis Bosch

Chapter 57 Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Mark W. Kim

Chapter 58 Smoke inhalation

Ran Nivy and Yaron Bruchim

Chapter 59 Lightening and electrocution

Ludivine Boiron

Chapter 60 Thermal injury

Guillaume L. Hoareau and Laurence M. Saint-Pierre

Chapter 61 Hyperthermia and heatstroke

Yaron Bruchim and Ran Nivy

section VI


Christopher G. Byers

Chapter 62 Approach to bleeding

Danielle M. Hundley

Chapter 63 Hemolytic anemia

Christopher G. Byers

Chapter 64 Thrombocytopenia

Dana N. LeVine

Chapter 65 Coagulation disorders

Elizabeth B. Davidow

Chapter 66 Basic principles of transfusion medicine

Elizabeth B. Davidow

Chapter 67 Oncologic emergencies

Barbara E. Kitchell

section VII


Stefano Cortellini

Chapter 68 Acute kidney injury

Stefano Cortellini and Laura Cole

Chapter 69 Urologic emergencies

Emily K. Thomas

Chapter 70 Peritoneal dialysis and extracorporeal therapies

Thierry Francey and Ariane Schweighauser

Chapter 71 Renal transplantation

Lillian R. Aronson

Chapter 72 Pyometra

Karen Humm

Chapter 73 Dystocia

Aime K. Johnson

Chapter 74 Neonatal and pediatric emergencies

Maureen A. McMichael and Andrea Henriksson

section VIII


Gualtiero Gandini

Chapter 75 Status epilepticus

Antonella Gallucci and Gualtiero Gandini

Chapter 76 Vestibular diseases

Teresa Gagliardo and Gualtiero Gandini

Chapter 77 Ocular emergencies

Rodrigo Pinheiro de Lacerda

section IX


Patty A. Lathan

Chapter 78 Diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome

Stephanie A. Harris and Katherine K. Gerken

Chapter 79 Thyrotoxicosis

Joanna E. Murdoch and Cynthia R. Ward

Chapter 80 Hypoglycemia

Renee Rucinsky

Chapter 81 Primary hyperaldosteronism

Hans S. Kooistra and Sara Galac

Chapter 82 Acute vomiting

Kendon W. Kuo and Katherine K. Gerken

Chapter 83 General approach to the acute abdomen

Katherine K. Gerken

Chapter 84 Peritonitis

Katherine K. Gerken

Chapter 85 Acute pancreatitis

Juliette Bouillon and Jennifer Loewen

Chapter 86 Acute hepatopathies

Julie E. Trzil and Whitney M. Long

Chapter 87 Hepatic lipidosis

Crystal M. Cooley and Christopher G. Byers

Chapter 88 Acute liver failure and hepatic encephalopathy

Suzanne Gray

section X


Kris Gommeren

Chapter 89 Point-of-Care Ultrasonography (POCUS)

Søren Boysen

Chapter 90 Arterial catheterization

Theo van den Herik and Kris Gommeren

Chapter 91 Central venous catheterization

Theo van den Herik and Kris Gommeren

Chapter 92 Intraosseous catheterization

Christopher Kennedy

Chapter 93 Feeding tubes

Lindsey Dodd

Chapter 94 Temporary tracheostomy

Stéphanie M.P. Noël

Chapter 95 Thoracocentesis and thoracostomy tube placement

Julie Menard and Tomas Boullhesen Williams

Chapter 96 Cardioversion and defibrillation

Christopher Kennedy

Chapter 97 Cerebrospinal fluid sampling

Iris Van Soens

Chapter 98 Locoregional analgesia techniques

Angela Briganti

Chapter 99 Urinary stents, tubes, and bypass

Nausikaa Devriendt

Chapter 100 Oxygen therapy

Carla Molina and Luís Bosch

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